All Along An Algerian Alley…

Boisterous Blue Birds Bury Bulbs.

Cats Can Cry, ‘¡Caramba!’ ‘Cos…

Dogs Do Dirty Deeds Down Drainpipes.”

Ginsbergbear’s i-phone vibrated silently in his pocket.

“And finally…

This blinking fair

Is blinking fun

No blinking rain

Just blinking sun

The blinking prize

I blinking won

A blinking fish

In a blinking bag

Of blinking plastic

The hoe’s reaction

Not fantastic

The blinking wall

Of blinking death

The blinking bike’s

A blinking wreck

Blinking nuts

And blinking bolts

Blinking fall

To the blinking deck

The Blinking engine

Coughs and stutters

The Blinking crowd

Blinking mutters

The blinking dodgem’s

Blinking bust

Blinking no-one’s

Blinking fussed

Blinking sailors’

Blinking tarts

Blinking lose

Their blinking hearts

And blinking knickers

Blinking drunk

On blinking liquors

Spied upon

By pervy vicars

A blinking fair’s

Such blinking fun

In London Town”

He finished his recitation to thunderous applause, but cut short the Question-and-Answer session.   Back in his bell tent Ginsbergbear read the text message.

‘Ferris wheel in half hour’


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