Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, June 3 – Chocolate rations

I don’t know what time Neil got back or what he got up to yesterday, but there was no sign of him last night and Martin and Stephen, Tony and his two boys organised the overnight watch between them. Then this morning I noticed them all gathered in the field, huddled with Neil, all nodding and waving in the direction of the village. I know they are up to something, but I’m guessing they don’t want to worry me as all Martin will say is that Neil says everything will be alright.
I’m trying not to think too much about it and there certainly is enough here to keep me occupied. But I’m worried about the next delivery of rations if the situation in the village isn’t brought under control. There will be enough for everyone if it is properly distributed, but if these ruffians commandeer the lot it could be wasted.
Talking of supplies, I made a happy chance discovery today when I decided to clear out the cupboard in my study. Sandwiched between some files was a whole box of Maltesers. I’d always thought I’d mislaid a box the year I asked for only Maltesers and bath foam for Christmas. And there it was, unopened. It says best before May 2012, but I’ve tried a couple and although the chocolate is less shiny than usual and the centre is not as crisp, they are delicious and I’ll set up my own rationing system so everyone has a few to enjoy. We haven’t tasted chocolate for months. Martin asked if I was sure they were safe to eat, but he soon took a second one after his first sample.
And the other delight has been seeing Sooty have her final bottle of the day. I watched Jane feeding her and the dear little lamb fell asleep in her lap. It’s going to be hard sending her off to join the flock when she is bigger and stronger.


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