Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, June 10 – A chain of events
A horse was neighing. No, I was dreaming and then I woke to the early light streaming through the window at 5.30. The sun was so bright I was wide awake and got up straight away, even though I’d slept badly and felt hot all night. I boiled water for tea and for washing, then went outside to open the hen house. The hens were eager to be outside and pecked at their breakfast hungrily.
And then I saw tracks in the gravel. Not tyre tracks, but grooves, as if something had been dragged over the stones. And across the lawn a trail, where in some places the grass had been torn up. I couldn’t understand what it was. It wasn’t a vehicle, or badgers, which sometimes ripped up the turf searching for grubs and worms. I followed the tracks and found they went right round the house, across the lawns and also up the drive as far as the road. I then became concerned about the lamb and rushed to check that Sooty was safe in her bolted house. She was eager to be up and out too, so then I had to warm a bottle for her, which she consumed in minutes, butting my hand and tugging at the teat till it was quite empty.
Sooty wanted to follow me back inside the house, but I can’t have lamb droppings as well as mud and dust all over the floors, so I made her stay outside on the kitchen lawn and shut the back door. As I boiled more water and made my breakfast, I wondered about the tracks and decided to look at them again. I walked across the grass and up the drive and then back across to the hen house, with Sooty at my heel. And then I saw a pile of heavy linked chain by the garage. I couldn’t remember such a chain being stored there before and asked Martin if he’d left it there. He was as mystified as me and so we don’t know where it’s come from and why there are tracks but we think the chain was dragged around the grounds. What does it mean?
The hens may have seen something as they peered out of the window of their house at first light, but they can’t tell us what they saw, they can only lay fresh eggs. I collected four today.


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