Help continued

Tathra here again:

I see that you all think I am a hacker. No, well Ok yes, I have hacked in to Ferdinand’s account but only to try to get help! (I’ve learned a lot about computing over the years. Being lonely means you look for things to do.)


Tex-Mex says:

Quit feeling sorry for yourself and write.


Sorry. Look, I followed him to New Zealand. I had to. I couldn’t give up then, not after so long waiting to meet him. I wanted to say sorry. I wanted to talk to him. So there’s another group of dolphins. They don’t always agree with the aunts. They like to tease them a little. Well I thought there was a good chance of persuading them to pull me along. I didn’t have a surf board but I knew I’d manage if I could get a good grip. Oh, and wrap my netbook up well. And yes, Larry and Norman, two of the big guys, agreed. Norman even gave me a lift for some of the way. So I followed Ferdinand and then I read the bit about Lake Manapouri. I thought I ought to check it out. But that Candlewick man and the woman had followed him to New Zealand. They were the ones who had gone to Lake Manapouri. They were lying in wait. And now they’ve got him and I don’t know where he is. They crossed a river and I lost the scent.


Dennis says:

The aunts say we gotta help We’ve got mates on the ground. Be in touch.

Sandra says:

Oh Ferdy! I have booked my place on the ship I will be with you in six weeks

Ricky says:

Huh! They’ll serve you up for dinner on that ship Sandra.

Casey says:

We’re on the case.

Tex-Mex says:

Good luck!

axel says

guten luck


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