Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Thursday, June 12 – Family ties

I found Jane crying in a corner of the garden today. She quickly wiped away her tears, but her eyes were red and swollen. It’s not true, is it, she said, what Stephen and Dad were saying. So I had to hold her, like the child she still is inside her 20 year old self, and tell her not to listen to them. Then when she was calm we went to stroke Sooty who was sensibly lying in deep shade, out of the hot sun, which has been shining with such strength since early morning.
This little lamb is growing by the day and greets us with piercing bleats if she thinks we are about to prepare her bottle. Jane knows she must eventually join the flock and be with her own kind, but it is such a pleasure to have this dear little creature reliant on us and so apparently affectionate when we are with her. We have become her family for now and must continue to protect and feed her until she has grown enough to be out in the field. And I know, from past experience, that even once she has bonded with her sheep family out in the pasture, she will still recognise us and run to greet us.
Once Jane felt better I persuaded her to water all the seedlings we’ve planted out and to give the vegetable bed a good watering. It has been hot and dry since Saturday morning and although the soil is still moist deep down, the young plants need water. Martin should have done it early this morning, but he said he thought he should go into the village with Tony to check on the encampment. I hope it’s all quiet. I don’t want Jane upset again and I certainly don’t want Anna being frightened. She needs calm and rest now her time is drawing near. She was told it could be early July, but babies arrive when they’re ready, so it could be any time now.
At least I can be pretty sure when the broody’s clutch of eggs will hatch. She made angry noises when I pushed her off today, but there were no more fresh eggs in her nest, just three laid elsewhere


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