Star Stone Trilogy: Book One: Yii. Chapter Six (cont.)

‘Well, Sarah, you can come to the study in ten minutes, and we shall make a start. The sooner we begin the better. You shall have plenty of work to do on your own between lessons, I promise you.’
‘Of course, Uncle Alexander; I shall be glad to do the work. I’m so looking forward to starting!’
And Sarah was there waiting within a mere seven minutes. The Rector was ready for her, having selected some text books from the shelves in his study. This was a large airy room overlooking the back quad, lined from floor to ceiling with books and a magnificent desk in the middle.
‘Salve Sarah!’ said Uncle Alexander (meaning ‘Hallo’ or ‘Greetings’).
‘Salve Uncle Alexander!’ replied Sarah.
‘Now,’ said Uncle Alexander, ‘first we must determine exactly how much you know already. Let’s start with Latin.’ In twenty minutes he had pinpointed just how much Sarah had learnt and, pleasantly surprised, showed her the next steps, and set a large amount of work to be done before the next morning. The process was for Sarah quite unlike any other experience, for the Rector was full of fun, making jokes about many aspects of the work, causing her to laugh and therefore to enjoy what seemed more like play than work.
Sarah surprised him again the next day, clearly thirsting for more. Uncle Alexander, delighted with the work she had done, promised to forge ahead at an even greater pace.
‘We shall get started on Caesar’s Gallic Wars,’ he said, ‘and some of the Latin poets, perhaps Gaius Lucilius.’
‘Oh!’ said Sarah, ‘We did start on the Gallic Wars at Kingham, but the twins weren’t ready so we didn’t get very far.’
‘Well, we shall certainly go on now, and that will make learning even more interesting.’
Out came the relevant books; then a start on Caesar, with more homework for the next time. Thence to Greek, where the story was much the same: Sarah was a long way ahead of her, or even the twin’s, age group.


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