Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Sunday, June 15 – Panic, pray, prepare
I walked to church with Gail and we again avoided the encampment on the green by crossing the river behind the Legion. Once there, when we came to the intercessions where prayers are said for people by name as well as regions of the country, I knew I only wanted to pray for one person. I know I should think of those in cities and towns who have suffered during this difficult powerless time and of course I want to pray for relatives and friends we cannot contact at present, but right now I only really want to pray for Anna.
It has been weighing on my mind that with her time drawing near, we can offer her very little support and care. There is a doctor in the village and also an experienced nurse, but we don’t have a phone to call for help and we cannot be sure the nearest hospital can cope with any kind of emergency. So as I sat in my pew, trying to concentrate on the prayers and the readings, I felt myself begin to panic, alarmed at the prospect of what could happen. Then I told myself that she is young, she is healthy, she should make it to full term and women all over the world give birth to babies every day without any kind of intervention.
I found it terribly hard to listen to the sermon, as I was mentally listing the preparations still to be made. Jane has helped Anna make clothes and terry nappies and the moses basket is freshly lined. We don’t know for sure when the baby will arrive. In normal times, regular checks and scans would give more accurate predictions, so all we know is that it will come when it’s ready and that could be any day soon. So we must be ready too.


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