Casey here. It has taken time. Dunno how Ferdy is. But we’re moving in. We’ve found him, can’t get at him at the moment. Hairy man and woman with silly hat in way. They’ve got a big gun.


axel says

bite ze ankles

Anastasia says:

Pah, bet you birds can’t do what rats can do.

Tex-Mex says:

Work together. Use your strengths. Call on reinforcements.

Tex-Mex says (again):

Just thought: anyone heard from that thylacine?

Dennis says:

Anyone got any fish?

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I am a writer and an editor. I write comic and serious children's fiction and edit the arts pages of the local newspaper group The Herald. I am useless at housework but love books and the theatre and I have three children and an unfeasibly large number of cats. Oh, and one of my best friends is a dodo.

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