Star Stone Trilogy: Book One: Yii Chapter Six (cont.)

Then it was Sunday, and Sarah began to feel some concern as to what might be expected of her. Would she have to go to church? Uncle Alexander, as the Rector, would probably take a service in the college chapel, but her experience of irreverent fun at Kingham and disenchanted boredom at St Raphael’s made her wonder what would happen. She didn’t want to offend such a kind uncle and aunt, but she wasn’t over keen on more of the kind of tedium she had suffered at St Raphael’s.
In the event, Aunt Caroline was surprisingly relaxed: ‘You don’t have to come to chapel,’ she said, ‘we always gave David and Emily the choice once they were old enough to understand. You are welcome to come with me if you wish, and, if you do choose to come, I shall be glad to have your company. Uncle Alexander takes the service; it’s at nine o’clock in the chapel.’
Sarah was so impressed with this openness that she immediately said she would be glad to go with Aunt Caroline.
Something truly remarkable happened to Sarah in the chapel. She was profoundly moved by the sense of holiness, intense devotion, and especially by the moments of silence: not empty silence, but pure, rich and vibrant. She later saw her experience as a spiritual awakening, the roots of a deep faith.
In-between study and tutorials, Sarah began to explore the college. Although one of the smaller colleges, Sherborne had some interesting byways. If the doors were not locked she could go underground all the way from the Rector’s lodging to the Senior Common Room at the head of the hall. She also hoped to discover the secret stair between the Senior Common Room and the end of the hall behind high table, but with no success.


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