Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, June 24 – Bread, water and wine

The bread rolls were dense but delicious. We all loved the crunch of the crust and the yeasty flavour of the crumb. I’m baking some more tonight, but it’s too hot right now to be standing beside a blazing fire. The sun is at its height and we need water, so Martin and I are checking on our stocks. The two rainwater butts are about half full and the well still has plenty. But if this warm weather continues we could soon run low.
Martin suggested that he and Stephen should dig a couple of bore holes in the lower part of the garden and grounds, where the water table is high. They started digging this morning and if this is successful that water will be used for the garden, mainly the vegetable beds. The soil is damp only a few inches beneath the surface, so they are hopeful that they will be able to tap into the ground water. Then the dirty water from washing can be used to keep the cistern flushing.
Jane is busy picking more elderflower. The bushes are full of the lacy caps this year and although elderberries would be useful too, she is determined to make cordial or wine with the flowers. I’ve been sterilising some old preserving jars and bottles in readiness.
And Anna is resting. She is feeling the weight of the baby in this heat and takes a long nap every afternoon. But she feels well and has been washing the elderflower heads to remove bits of leaf and insects. She has also been embroidering a blanket for the baby. The date and name will be added later.
But the broody has her babies. There are six chicks, four lemon yellow, two almost black. She hovered in the doorway of the henhouse today, with them cheeping under her wings. She may take them out by tomorrow, but for now I put food and water inside the house for them.


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