Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

The story so far…. the UK has been suffering a long term power cut since October. Cities and larger towns are in chaos, but in the countryside families are coping relatively well, until now…..

Wednesday, June 25 – Ill tidings

All this time, ever since the power cut began, we’ve stayed healthy. Through the wet and cold of winter we had little more than coughs and colds, but now, suddenly, we are all sick. We are all being sick, every one of us.
We feel wretched and I cannot think where this has come from. The water we drink is boiled, even if it’s rainwater. I cook meat carefully and it’s always fresh. Could it have been the rabbit? I don’t think so as it was freshly caught and skinned. Maybe we picked up a bug with the sacraments in church on Sunday. But I don’t think that’s it either, as we’ve all fallen ill at the same time. It must be something we’ve eaten or drunk here.
I’m most concerned about Anna, who is also vomiting. She mustn’t become weak and dehydrated. So I’ve given her the bottled water we kept by for emergencies. There was none in the rations that were delivered yesterday and until now I hadn’t thought we’d ever need it. But now, she must recover quickly, just in case the baby comes early.
That’s all I can manage for today. I’ve fed the hens and they are all fine and the chicks have come outside then been herded back again by their very protective mother.


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