Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Thursday, June 26 – Boring and boiling

We are bruised and tired, but we are able to hold down food and drink again. I still have no idea why or how we became ill, but thank goodness we are no longer sick.
Martin thinks it was the bore holes that caused it. I think that’s ridiculous, because the holes are nowhere near any source of foul water. And in fact the so-called holes, were more like mud baths. Martin and Stephen dug down as far as they could, but they never managed to collect a decent amount of water. They collected mud on their knees and feet, their clothes and their faces, but they couldn’t seem to excavate enough mud to dip a bucket in a pool of water. They slung the wet mud over the veg patch, so at least it made a damp mulch for the plants and will have delivered a certain amount of moisture.
Stephen has been blaming himself for not properly boiling the water the last time he made tea for us all. He said he thought the water was hot enough, so I’ve stressed that all our water, even the rain water, has to be boiled. It is boring, I know, but it’s vital. And Jane thinks it’s all her fault because she didn’t wash the lettuce she picked the other day as it looked clean enough. It’s nobody’s fault, I said, but we all have to be more careful.
As we are all feeling rather delicate, we are only eating rice and scrambled eggs today. The hens are still laying well and I’ve collected four eggs. The chicks came out for a longer period with their mother and pecked at some greenstuff she clucked over, telling them it was good to eat. I’ve changed the hens’ water trough for a shallow plant saucer for now, as we once had a tiny chick drown in the drinking water. They stand on the edge, not knowing that a few inches of water is like a deep and dangerous swimming pool for a chick that’s only a couple of days old.
Then,at 5pm, the rain began, so I’ve set out every bowl and container I can find, to collect fresh, safe water.


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