Powerless – The Year The Lights Went Out

Friday, June 27 – Rained on

It rained yesterday, but not for long. We filtered the water we collected into empty bottles so we have fresh for when we need it. But at least the rain refreshed the garden and we haven’t needed to water again today, even though the sun has been shining all afternoon. Everything is growing quickly and we even have raspberries forming on the bushes.
Linda called in this morning and said Neil is going to do regular inspections of the sheep from now on, as the warm sun and rain create the humid conditions perfect for fly strike. I said I thought they would be ok since he treated them early last month, but Linda said the spray is not guaranteed protection and it’s now seven weeks since they were treated. He will have to round them up in the pen to check the whole flock properly, so I may go along to help. He would normally be shearing soon, but it’s going to be harder to do the job without electricity and it’s easier to shear if the fleece is dry.
Then I asked Linda if she’d like to try the bread rolls I made. She thought they were really good and is going to give me some of her flour ration so we can bake more in the bread oven. Rolls are the easiest thing to cook in it, but I might try a small loaf next. I also thought I could add some herbs and I think I may even have poppy and sesame seeds somewhere at the back of the pantry. I’ve also realised that once the oven is really hot, it holds the heat for some time, certainly long enough to slow cook other foods. Martin wants me to make apple pies, but I’ve said I’ll try pasties as I don’t yet have fruit. Or I could maybe bake an egg and bacon pie, like my great-aunt used to make when I was young.
The rain was good for the hens too, as it dampened the soil in the hen run and encouraged the worms. I dug them up with a fork when I went in this afternoon, creating great excitement amongst the hens. I collected four eggs and the mother hen was teaching her youngsters to scratch in the soil for food.


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