Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Saturday, July 5 – Fast food
After the hot and steamy days at the end of the week, today is cooler and wetter. There have been fine showers of rain on and off all day, so I haven’t attempted any laundry and we shall have to cook indoors tonight.
But despite the rain we walked into the village for the Saturday market, taking a surplus of peas to swop for other produce and were pleased to find that strawberries were available again. And our farm butcher had a stack of hamburgers, saying he was only a day late for the 4th of July, so we took a dozen as they are easy to cook. We’ll eat them tonight with a salad of freshly cut lettuce and dandelion leaves and I’ll fry crispy onion rings, dipped in batter. I’m not sure my bread making skills are up to producing soft bap rolls, but I’ll try all the same as the bread will soak up the juices from the meat.
As Martin, Jane and I walked back, we joked that we would make Stephen enter the village marathon, which was one of the main topics of conversation in the pub today. It always takes place in the first week in July and in previous years it has attracted serious athletes from all around the county. This year only local people will be competing, but as there is a large influx of strangers in the village there will still be competition for the outsider’s cup. The race is not a full marathon but a course of some five miles over rough terrain, culminating in a splash through the shallowest part of the river and a scramble up a slippery riverbank. We decided he should get in training for next Friday, especially if he eats more than his fair share of burgers.
When we were home, Stephen said he would enter, but he needed barbecue sauce to go with the hamburgers. That’s not an easy request to fulfil these days and we ran out of tomato ketchup and brown sauce long ago, so I investigated my almost depleted larder and created a concoction from an old tube of tomato puree, garlic paste, tabasco and smoked paprika. Then he said he would need a fried egg on top, to build up his strength for the ordeal. Thank goodness the hens laid well again today.


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