Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Sunday, July 6 – I told them so

Why won’t some people heed warnings? Why oh why, just when we need calm and peace, do Stephen and Martin have to ignore my advice and end up casualties again?
Martin shouldn’t have even gone into the attic, with his bad back and Stephen should never have gone up on the roof. I told them to leave the wasps alone and I told them I was sure we still had some powder hidden away in the shed or the garage. But oh no, they both had to go and ‘investigate’. And the result is that Martin is hobbling about saying he’s strained his back again and Stephen has hurt his other foot, the one that wasn’t burnt by the boiling oil, but which only healed a short time ago.
It all started because Anna said she’d seen a few wasps in the corridor leading to her bedroom this morning. It is the time of year when they start being very active and we always seem to have a large number of nests in our old tiled roof, which faces the sun all day. Anna wasn’t too concerned, but I said we’d see if the nest was reachable, so we could dust it at dusk tonight. But Stephen became all protective and said he had to locate it right now and then Martin said it might be in the attic and before I could stop them they were off and minutes later were walking wounded. I told them before, not to do it and afterwards I told them off and said they weren’t getting any of my sympathy. It’s just like when the children were small and became stuck in the mud at a river in Devon. They were told not to venture into the mud, so why were they surprised I was cross when they were dragged out covered in stinking slime?
Still, at least Martin wasn’t stung, as he reacts badly to wasp stings and we could do without anaphylactic shock on top of everything. I left him resting while I worked on the garden and Jane cooked supper, then I found the wasp powder. Later tonight, after dark, I’ll go in the attic to find the nest and deal with it. I told the hens how annoying they all were when I fed them late this afternoon. They clucked sympathetically and gave me four eggs. It’s so comforting to know that some things in life are utterly reliable.


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