Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

The UK has been suffering from a long term power cut since October and cities and major towns have been devastated, but in the country Sandra and her family have survived and have been awaiting a memorable event…….

Monday, July 7 – A day to remember

So much has happened it is hard to know where to begin, as this has been the most momentous day. But the most important event of all has happened. Anna gave birth this afternoon. A girl, a healthy baby girl. I don’t know how her weight, I just know she is perfect and Anna coped extremely well with a labour that started early this morning and she is now resting with her baby tucked into the freshly lined basket beside her.
And now, although it is late and night has fallen, I can write this because we also have light! Everything is working again! As the baby emerged, the lights all over the house suddenly flickered and then, as she took her first cry, they all came on together in broad daylight. We must have left lights and appliances switched on all over the house and Martin rushed about to ‘save electricity’ as if it would disappear if we didn’t conserve it immediately.
We have news on the radio and TV, we have a working fridge, I have an electric cooker again and, oh bliss, a washing machine! I keep thinking this might not last and of course, life it not quite back to normal yet as the mains water has not been restored. Apparently the treatment plants have to be checked and cleaned, so it will be a week or so before I can turn on a tap.
But for now, we have power and we have a new baby. We have survived all these months and so we can survive a little longer. Life may never be the same as it was before the long nights of the power cut, but it will be a life.
And as we ate supper with the lights on, we talked about the tiny new life upstairs and what she might be called. Martin said as she was born at such a momentous time, Dawn would be a good name, but he was shouted down. Then Stephen said he and Anna had already decided. She has a name – she is Hope.


9 thoughts on “Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

  1. Absolutely brilliant – I’ve followed this avidly – was sure that the baby would arrive safely! Fingers crossed the power has been fully restored and that everyone lives happily ever after!

      • I being very brave about it all. But fer you next project you wanna think carefully about all that soppy lamby baby stuff. You alienating you core readership. Zombies sell… And airships! Get some airships in there!

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