A Moving Story

12 Cats on the move

The cats have made themselves at home at the seaside. Our frail elderly tabby knows where the sun falls to warm the bench during the day and our ginger boy goes on daring expeditions both morning and evening, but sleeps on our bed when the weather is inclement and on a cushion in the garden room when it is fine. Ginger Jack has caught and eaten real mice, as well as played with the catnip variety, but has not even attempted to hunt seagulls. When they screech from the rooftops he sits in the garden and stares at their noisy antics.
The cats know where to find their bowls of water, milk and biscuit, their two litter trays and their favourite sleeping places. But now we are going to disrupt their lives again. We have to shut them up together in a large travelling box for at least five hours as we drive the long distance from Cornwall to Hampshire. We shall deny ourselves long breaks on the journey with their welfare in mind.
Once we arrive at the thatched cottage we shall let them out of the box and shut them in the bathroom for the night while we go out for dinner and sleep in a comfortable hotel in preparation for the removals company’s arrival the following day. The cats will both feel let down, cheated, swopping their sunny cottage for a cold, grey bathroom. Ginger Jack will wonder when he is ever going to have another adventure or see another mouse and Old Man Sam may feel life has no more to offer.
But once the hectic deliveries are over, once we can quietly introduce them to their new home, they will learn to love the countryside. No squawking gulls, no chattering holidaymakers, just open fields, hedgerows and peaceful lanes. Jack will find wild life aplenty in the undergrowth and ditches and Sam will find a place to sleep and dream of when he was young, catching squirrels, woodpeckers and rabbits.

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