Star Stone Trilogy: Book One – Yii: Chapter Six (cont.)

But whatever you do, you must keep out of Professor Sneddon’s way.’

That night Sarah had another dream. She was in the square courtyard again – in fact it could have been the college quadrangle. In her dream the buildings seemed very much taller than they were in real life, sloping up and up and away from her. Professor Sneddon was after her, not running but constantly moving towards her, head forward, snake-like. In fact he seemed to have a snake’s head, with a forked snake tongue. She walked fast, just at first to get out of the way. He still came after her, so she tried to run, but couldn’t, her feet seemed glued, and however hard she tried to move, she was unable to get away from him. Gasping for breath, she struggled and struggled to get to some stairs – those spiral steps of the ancient stairway she had seen before. Could it have been Palmers Tower? She had never got inside, but the dream seemed to be steps inside Palmers Tower. She still tried to get there, but whatever effort she made, however hard she struggled, she just could not get to the tower and the steps.


She came across Professor Sneddon twice again before the Christmas vacation, the second time he was with a large and rather loudly dressed American. Was he after the treasures?
‘Someone else needs to find the treasure first,’ thought Sarah, and I must make it my business. But where do I start?’ She would look again for the hidden room behind the high table in the hall. Or was it Palmer’s Tower?
‘Have you got a key to Palmer’s tower?’ she asked Jack in the lodge.
‘No miss,’ he said, ‘I just can’t find it. But I’ll keep looking.’
‘I hope you will, Jack. I would really like to get into Palmer’s Tower.’
Then it was the Christmas vacation, during which Sarah studied hard, determined that after Christmas she would be able to continue learning with the Rector, and start on Hebrew and theology.
Christmas with David and Emily home in the Lodging was tremendous fun. Amongst other things they found the dressing up box, full of amazing clothes and wigs. Sarah dressed up as an old man, with a black wig, which fitted her so extremely well that she decided to keep it, and tucked it into her chest of drawers. She had not enjoyed such fun since she had adventured with the twins at Kingham.


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