Star Stone Trilogy Book One: Yii. Chapter Seven (cont)

As Yii sat imagining his tribe, and wondering, some of the people who looked more like him came by, less well supervised while the Colonel was away. They were chattering away, pointing at him and laughing, though he couldn’t see why. He stared back at them, puzzled and a little concerned. He may have appeared rather fierce to them.
As part of their fun, one of them got a long stick, and started poking at Yii with it, perhaps to provoke some interesting reaction, taunting him with words he couldn’t understand. Yii found this very disconcerting, and tried to dodge out of the way, while the other men around laughed again, obviously thinking it great fun. The stick began to hit Yii, and bruise him, so after some minutes of them jabbing at him with the stick and laughing – rather cruelly, though Yii didn’t recognise this – Yii decided he needed to do something to defend himself. He was in danger of getting badly hurt; so he bared his teeth, and sprang towards them growing fiercely.
This really frightened them, and they paused and then drew back. Yii grabbed the stick, though he couldn’t wrest it from the men holding it. So he roared at them more loudly, again baring his teeth.
This time they were more frightened; he looked so fierce with his slightly long canine teeth. They quickly melted away having between them yanked the stick out of Yii’s hands, leaving him still growling ferociously.
This happened to be the moment that Dr Raybourne chose to come by, for he had promised the Colonel that he would look in at some point to see how the wolf boy was doing. Hearing Yii growl loudly and seeing him bare his teeth, he was quite alarmed, stopping still and staring at Yii.
‘Well,’ he muttered to himself, ‘Wolf boy you are, that’s quite certain. We shall have to be careful not to let you loose. In fact we shall have to be very careful of you.’


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