Star Stone Trilogy – Book One: Yii Chapter Seven (cont.)

‘Well,’ he muttered to himself, ‘Wolf boy you are, that’s quite certain. We shall have to be careful not to let you loose. In fact we shall have to be very careful of you.’
With that, he paused and stared again, before moving off into the house to warn the Colonel’s wife to take good care – not that she had taken much notice of Yii – she had other things on her mind. Meanwhile, Dr Raybourne would wait for the Colonel to get back with the regiment, and they would then have to decide what to do with this ‘wolf boy’. Things were looking bleak for Yii.
Left to himself Yii was feeling even more dispirited. If this were a heaven, it seemed a very cruel place. Who were these people? And why did some treat him so cruelly? For comfort, he curled up in the sleeping place, hugging himself, trying to find some consolation. Unusually, he fell asleep, though it was still the middle of the day. Exhausted and distressed by the behaviour of the people who had attacked him, his sleep was broken and restless, disturbed as never before.

He had a dream, more intense than ever. He was in a high place trying to get away from a man who was jabbing at him with a long stick. He was on a narrow path having, it seemed, run for some way. The man with the stick appeared to be trying to trip him. There was no escape on either side for Yii as he moved away, constantly looking backwards, trying to avoid the stick. On his right was a very solid rock wall, with no means to climb. To his left was a sheer drop, longer and steeper than anything Yii had ever seen. The man seemed intent on tipping him over the side of this cliff, and if he did so, Yii would fall onto the rocks below and doubtless be killed.
The man was snarling at him viciously as he wielded the stick. Yii kept moving away, trying to avoid the stick, but the man kept coming at him He looked around yet again to see if there was somewhere to escape, but still the cliff wall was far too steep to climb, nor he could not scramble down the steep drop on the other.
Ahead the path came to an end. This made for even more danger; it ended in a chasm, although there were rocks on the far side. Perhaps if he could only get a run at it, he could leap over the chasm and get a hand hold on those rocks. He needed to halt the man jabbing at him to give himself space to run. So in one last desperate effort, he turned, and, baring his teeth, he growled very loudly at the man to make him halt. Grrrrrr! The man did stop, momentarily, and Yii ran…and ran to try to leap the chasm…

At this point, shaking and bathed in sweat, Yii woke up, still tense, and ready to run and leap. The dream, so real and intense, stayed in his mind; what did it mean?


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