Star Stone Trilogy – Book One: Yii Chapter Eight (cont.)

Desmond was very persuasive. Eventually:
‘Well,’ said Sarah doubtfully, ‘I suppose I could try, but I shall need lots of help; I don’t know how I shall manage. And anyway, I can’t cox as I am; how will I dress? Won’t we get into trouble for breaking lots of rules – a girl coxing a mens’ eight?’
‘I’m sure you’ll do very well,’ said Desmond. ‘And as for dress, we can borrow some kit for you to wear; and I wondered if we could put your hair up inside a cap or something.’
Perhaps, Sarah reflected, he hasn’t really thought this through; she’d be spotted at once with her fair hair in a cap. Then she remembered the dressing up box from their time at Christmas and how she had enjoyed putting on a wig and managed to look just like a man.
‘I know,’ she said, ‘I can get a man’s wig from the dressing up box and put that on over my hair. It could be fun.’ Sarah, thinking about the fun of dressing up at Christmas, was beginning to get enthusiastic, ‘But I shall need lots of help.’
‘Of course,’ said Desmond. ‘I have every confidence in your ability. I’ll go and get some clothes for you.’
So Sarah got the wig, let Aunt Caroline know that she was going down to the river with Desmond, and then found a way to put on the clothes Desmond had borrowed. Sarah was both thrilled and terrified. How would she manage to cox an eight, so long, so fast, and so hard to stop in a hurry? And would they be able to hear her? Would she be able to make her voice low enough to sound like a male cox? Her heart was beating very fast when they got down to the college barge.

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