Star Stone Trilogy, Book One: Yii Chapter Nine


That evening Yii saw a new person, a contrast to the discomfort of being mocked and prodded with the stick, surely a truly heavenly being:  white, about his height, but with remarkably fair hair, and also green eyes.  So different: all the people of Yii’s experience had dark hair.  Fair hair was a revelation; green eyes were quite remarkable.  White skin was a feature of the other taller ones, sometimes wearing crowns, but their hair and eyes were brown. Yii wondered again if he were in a heaven, and if not, where he could possibly be.

The Colonel, back from manoeuvres, had come out of the house with his wife, and Dr Raybourne, yet again looking at Yii and wondering about him.  Dr Raybourne was now convinced that Yii was a wolf boy, and had told the Colonel as much, warning him to beware of letting him loose.  With the Colonel and his wife was their daughter, very new to India and still dazed and dazzled by the wonder of it all, the strange sights and sounds and smells, especially the smells, and the heat!  The person in the cage was only one of a thousand new sights.

This was indeed Sarah.  She had travelled with Miss Brice, her companion, from England, but for almost the first time in her life had been unable to cope with her environment, and missed the first half of the voyage through being thoroughly seasick.  However, she had recovered once the ship was in the Mediterranean, and enjoyed the remainder of her time on board, with all the new and interesting experiences.  Miss Brice had been friendly, but never bossy.  As they journeyed down the Red Sea it grew ever hotter.  Sarah was amazed at the sight of Aden, constantly looking over the side of the ship at the small boats plying their trade, the traders trying to persuade the passengers to buy their goods.  Then it was on to Bombay and terra firma, and an extraordinary train journey north in stifling heat.  Finally there was a carriage to take them over rough and wild roads to the encampment and the Colonel’s fine house.  Now, after a night’s sleep, and most of a day to find her way around and recover from the journey, the Colonel and his wife had brought her as far as the cage.


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