Dan to the Rescue

Rescue Kit SWhen Daniel came in to see what all the meowing was about he found the three of them standing motionless, each apparently waiting for one of the others to do something.

“What the hell have you brought in this time Digby?” He peered down at the tiny creature with its long pointed face, black boot-button eyes, grey velvety coat and short, whip-like tail.

“That’s not a mouse, what on earth is it?”

Wasting no time, Daniel collected his rodent rescue kit from the under-stairs cupboard. The diminutive vole, or whatever it was, looked up as he dropped a beer glass over it and slipped a piece of card underneath. As he inverted the assemblage the little animal fell into the bottom of the glass, squeaking angrily. Daniel carried it carefully outside whilst Digby and Hank searched all the nooks and corners of their dining room for their now missing lunch. Daniel walked some way down the lane and stopped at an overgrown patch of waste ground. He tipped out the ungrateful animal. It paused and glared at him for a moment, then scuttled into the undergrowth. It did not seem to appreciate having been rescued at no slight inconvenience to its saviour. Daniel’s tea would be tepid by the time he got back.

“Off you go, little feller. This should give you a head start. And be a bit more careful in future.”


4 thoughts on “Dan to the Rescue

  1. Oh I must get a rodent rescue kit! The last time I picked up a mouse brought in by the cats, I held it by the tail and it dropped off!!

  2. I have devised a rodent rescue kit from tupperware and used it this morning when Jimbo told me that a mouse had crawled inside the loose cover of the armchair in the kitchen. Jimbo had been trying to help the mouse out but didn’t manage to take the cover off the chair!

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