Powerless – The Year The Lights Went Out

Friday, Oct 11

A cold day. The weather changed last night. There was a bitter wind blowing this morning and although the sun shone for a bit it could not raise the temperature. It has made us realise just how cold we are all going to be this winter.
Stephen arrived with Anna last night. Both were cold and very frightened. They were afraid to stay in Woking any longer. People have been looting the shops and taking goods they cannot possibly use. What is the point of stealing a flat screen TV in a power cut? A bag of flour has far greater value and I would gladly welcome it. I have six 1.5 kg bags of flour, as well as pasta, rice and a large sack of potatoes, but I have not worked out just how long it will all last. Anna sensibly brought food with her to add to our stock and they also thought to bring their warmest clothes.
And then we all sat by the fire and worried about Jane. We hope she is safe for the moment, as she said she would stay inside until there was further news. Martin wants to go and fetch her from her student flat in Bournemouth. The car has plenty of petrol as we had fortunately both filled up on separate journeys the day before the power went off. Martin had also filled up the four petrol cans we normally use for the garden machinery, so we at least have fuel for the time being.
After talking it over we decided that Martin and Stephen will go together. And though none of us likes the idea, they will take Martin’s air rifle. If there is looting there may be other disturbances and a car with petrol will be a target. Martin will stick to the back roads and will drive through the night in the hope of meeting no one on the journey. Anna is concerned for her parents and sisters too, but they are too far to be reached, down in Cornwall. We are all trying to reassure her that as they live in a rural coastal area they will have food and the resources to keep well.
Only 2 eggs today.


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