Powerless – The Year The Lights Went Out

Wednesday, Oct 16

Didn’t collect mushrooms, we did the laundry instead. Today was sunny and breezy, chilly but good enough to start drying our washing. We carried hot water up to the bathroom so we could tackle sheets and towels in the bath and have space to wring them out. Such heavy hard work and we siphoned off the dirty water into watering cans and buckets for flushing the loo.
Stephen rigged up a second washing line in the courtyard so we could get everything pegged out. I told the girls about my grandmother’s old mangle. They could hardly believe that such things were once everyday appliances in these days of tumble dryers and washing machines with their spin cycles, but now they wish we had one.
We left the washing out till 4pm, when it clouded over and brought everything inside to hang over chairs and airers. I’ve asked Martin to hang my laundry rack up in the hall, so we can dry washing by the fire there. He’ll agree to letting me keep two fires going if it means he can have dry socks.
Three eggs today.


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