Powerless – The Year The Lights Went Out

Thursday, October 24

A cold start to the day, almost frosty, with a haze of mist on the fields. I couldn’t get warm until midday, when the sun came out. It made me think about how we can keep warm as winter comes on, so I’ve been airing blankets we haven’t used in years and finding all our old hot water bottles, which were never needed while we had electric blankets. I’ve also suggested that we all start wearing more layers and have found old gloves which I will cut down to make mittens for all of us to wear indoors as it gets colder.
Now that the dining room is functioning as the main room in the house, serving as kitchen and meeting room for all of us, we have rearranged the furniture slightly, taking the occasional tables away and replacing them with armchairs. I’ve moved the best china out of the oak sideboard too, so this can now house all the every day pans and plates I need for open fire cooking.
We are all missing bread terribly. Such a basic foodstuff we normally take for granted, but how we long now for a hunk of fresh crusty bread to slaver with butter and jam. I have no way of making an oven for baking, so I’m experimenting with a batter similar to that for drop scones and cooking it on a flat baking sheet. The first ones were soggy, rather than brown, so I’ve done some more in a large frying pan, which works better. They can’t really replace a crusty loaf which smells of yeast and has a satisfying bite to it, but they are something to dip in soup and fill our stomachs.
4 eggs today.

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