Powerless – The Year The Lights Went Out

Friday, October 25th

Mild weather today, but much more windy. Martin noticed that it is a south-westerly and says that means more rain is on the way. So it was a good day for drying our washing and there is the likelihood that more dead wood will fall.
The wind will also bring more acorns, which may turn out to be a blessing. We’ve collected loads so far and the girls have been soaking them to remove the tannin. This will take several days and then they will have to shell them before roasting and grinding them to make coffee. Goodness knows how all this will taste and what it will do to us, but they are kept busy and more cheerful and I know we shall be grateful if they are successful when our present supplies run out. If this goes on for a long time, I feel sure we can be resourceful and manage for meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit, though limited in variety, but our stocks of flour, sugar, tea, coffee and milk cannot last. And although I still have some butter, dairy spread, cheese and cooking oil, I must use these sparingly as I have six of us to feed, including Joe, who is still with us. Bread thickly spread with butter now seems a luxury.
Our kindling stocks are falling rapidly, so we all gather sticks whenever we go outside as a matter of habit and stack them under cover when we return to the house. Jane was in a bit of dream this afternoon and wandered back empty handed, but Martin noticed and shouted “Firewood” at her and she laughed and ran off to collect her share.
5 eggs today.


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