Powerless – The Year The Lights Went Out

Sunday, October 27th

There was more rain in the night, so we shan’t be short of clean water. It was breezy this morning and quite bright, so I hung out some washing and nearly managed to get it dry before it started to look grey just before lunch.
I woke with the first light, just as I thought I would, in spite of Martin changing the clocks. The hens don’t know we’ve changed the time either and were ready to be let out and fed at 7am. They are still laying well, but will soon go off as the days shorten. I collected four eggs again today and wondered if I could work out how to preserve eggs but I don’t think I can get hold of the right ingredients…..eisenglas, is it?
Our food is becoming somewhat dull I think, partly because of the lack of variety and partly because of the means of cooking available to us. If the weather is poor I have to cook over the fire inside and I haven’t yet worked out how to roast. Today we could have used the barbecue again but we have no meat, other than bacon so we had to have another thick soup, which is what we are having most days. It was quite filling though, because I served it with some little dumplings I’d simmered in the soup, flavoured with rosemary. And I also had an idea because of all the apples we’ve collected and decided to make apple fritters with a thin watery batter, made with cornflour, then dusted them with a little cinnamon and sugar. They were really quite good and we all enjoyed them.
Martin thinks he can probably bag us some pheasant with his air rifle, so maybe we’ll have meat again very soon. He is a good shot, but doesn’t think the pellets will be powerful enough to get one of the deer that we see regularly in the garden. I saw three in the courtyard first thing this morning, nibbling away at the roses and really wouldn’t mind if they got their comeuppance and ended up on our table.


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