Powerless – The Year The Lights Went Out

Wednesday, October 30

I feel quite pleased with myself. Last night’s meal was a great success and put us all in a good mood. I found a recipe in an old book for a steamed onion and leek pudding. It is so simple and so filling. You line a basin with a suet crust, then fill it with seasoned layers of onion and leek. To make it more satisfying I added some mushrooms and diced bacon, then steamed it for 3 hours. So it is not a quick dish to make, but it was very well received and well worth the effort. I would like to make steamed puddings more often, but the fat will be a problem. Not our fat, but the fat that mixes with the flour. I have another couple of boxes of shredded suet in the larder, but doubt I will be able to get more. Maybe I can try making a pastry with oil? After all, some cakes are made with oil, aren’t they and I can remember making a wonderful flourless chocolate cake with olive oil.
We woke this morning to the first real frost. We have been lucky so far, but it will be much colder from now on. Our bedroom windows were misted on the inside and I expect they will be iced over this winter.
Anna and Jane have scooped out four pumpkins and were talking of giving the seeds to the hens, when I remembered that they could be dried for us to eat. We have no breakfast cereal, but I can make a kind of muesli with porridge oats, grated apple and seeds. I’m not sure how to dry the seeds to make them edible, so we’ll try toasting a few of them in a pan.
Martin was in a better mood today because he ate well yesterday, so I’m going to try hard to think how to feed us today.


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