The Way We Lied

“Feel the night air. Feel the moonlight on your skin. Feel the air. It is soft, cold and pure.”
She danced around him, almost melting away into the furthest shadows, then suddenly reappearing by his side and almost but never quite touching. Then her hand reached out and gently pulled at his scarf and as it slipped away from him, he knew that he must disrobe and bare himself before the eyes of the watchful moon and this enthralling woman.
As he threw off his dull city clothes he shed his fears and thought only of this moment. His journey from London, the meetings, the fruitless conversations, were forgotten together with any concerns he might previously have had about who might question his whereabouts. All that mattered now was that he was here and that she was making it possible for him to be utterly free, dependant only on the guidance of the full moon and her beckoning.
In seconds he stood completely naked, watching her white figure flitting in and out of the shadows. The feeling was sensual and yet not sexual. He was aware of the rush of cold air on his skin, his body hair and his genitals, but it was not arousing. It was stimulating only in that he felt completely alive and totally aware of his surroundings, like a wild creature of the woods and the night.
She glided nearer to him, her hand outstretched and they began to dance slowly with open arms, in circles and interweaving, the carpet of leaves whispering beneath them. Now and then, he heard an intake of breath, but no words were spoken. Time was suspended as they performed this sylvan reel, their figures white with the beams of the risen moon. And then finally, he paused and lifted his head to look at the benevolent smile of the moon and when he looked for her again, she was gone.
He stood there listening, thinking for a moment that she would soon return. But there was utter silence. He slowly circled the clearing for a few minutes, still enjoying the cool night air and the silvery light, then dressed quickly and started to walk the path he knew so well. His senses were heightened, alert to his rustling steps and the noises of the night creatures. A fox shrieked and an owl called, but he saw no other white human figures slipping through the trees, only a lone deer, which stood still and watched him for a second before sprinting away.

to be continued January 18


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