The Way We Lied

Alex’s Millennium Letter

I honestly can’t believe I’m having to do this. It’s New Year’s Day for goodness sake and we’re all dreadfully hungover, in spite of the ridiculous amount of food Caroline forced upon us last night. And now she is insisting that we all contribute something to her stupid time capsule, so I feel obliged to scribble something just to keep her happy. God knows what everyone else is putting in their envelopes. Nick is probably repeating one of his dirty jokes and I suppose that mousey Helen might do one of her boring little pictures. I do so wish she hadn’t changed her style. I liked her paintings much more before that ghastly woman got her claws into her. And I can’t even begin to imagine what dreary stuff David is writing. Probably some pompous, pious party clap trap I expect, as if he expects it will actually be worth reading for posterity!
Anyway, here goes. No one is ever going to read this in any case, at least not while we are all still alive, so I can say anything I like, anything at all. And Charles, darling, if you ever happen to read this stupid letter I hope you will be doing so because you still love me. I hope that I will not have been traded in for a newer model. It would serve me right I suppose if I was, after all I supplanted Georgina, didn’t I?
But I can sense you are restless, even though you say this new job will be more satisfying. And I know you look at other women. Even that annoying artist woman, Mary whats-her-name. I saw you gawping at her during the concert in the cathedral, though I can’t believe for a minute she would be your type, or anyone else’s come to that. So irritating how she managed to turn all your heads. She’s not the slightest bit attractive by any standard. And she seems horribly worthy and opinionated.
Still, I can turn heads too and a bit more than heads when I have the chance, like last night. I’ll get the giggles just thinking about it! That was very naughty but nice, or should I say, naughty of that sexy rascal Nick! At least I can rely on him for a bit of fun and know he won’t want to make life complicated. He’s got enough to cope with, dealing with that stuffy old harridan Sarah. Don’t know how he puts up with her, but I don’t want him crying on my shoulder, I just want him where I’ve got him right now. A bit on the side, that’s all he is and ever will be to me.
So darling Charles, do try and love me forever. I will try to love you too, despite the temptations around me and despite your ridiculous ideas about your career.

to be continued February 11

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