The Way We Lied

Alex nudged him then he pulled his eyes away. “Looks like you’re going to have a good turnout,” he said in a flat tone of voice.
Alex gave him a brilliant smile, knowing her smiles usually kindled a glint of fire in him. “Caroline says everyone who is anyone in Guildford is going to be here.”
Nick snorted. “Town hall officials and ten a penny councillors you mean.” He turned again to look over his shoulder.
Alex glanced back too and saw that the woman was changing seats, moving forward a couple of rows, nearer to them. “Who is that? Do you know her?”
“Some artist woman. Friend of Helen’s I think,” muttered Nick, turning away. “Mary something or other.”
Alex looked back once more and then, glancing at her friends in the row in front, noticed that David was also looking in that direction. His look was that of a pleading, hungry spaniel.
“What ever do you see in her?” hissed Alex. “Do you think she’s attractive?”
“What?” mumbled Nick, “Who’s attractive?”
“That woman. That woman back there, the one you can’t take your eyes off. God, what’s got into you all? She must be fifty at least, and just look how she’s dressed!”
At this, Nick laughed. He leant towards Alex and whispered in her ear. “Maybe dress isn’t important, my jealous little pussycat. Maybe she’s just got what it takes.”
Alex shoved him away with a sharp dig of her elbow, but he moved closer, his breath warm and damp on her ear. “I know how to recognise the woman beneath the exterior, my darling, don’t I? Mmmm, you smell divine….”
Alex giggled, satisfied that she still held him fast, then she felt a pat on the knee from her husband on the other side. “Stop flirting you two, it’s about to begin.” Charles tucked a possessive hand around her arm as they stood in honour of the arrival of the conductor and the dean who was to deliver the opening address.
“You can misbehave when I get you home,” he whispered, and he let his hand slip down her back to fondle her toned bottom in its tight pencil skirt in the shadow of the shielding pew. It worked. She inclined just ever so slightly towards him. He knew he could coax her, keep her contented, undemanding, but his eyes too slid towards that tall figure with the dark hair, her head held high.

to be continued February 18


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