The Way We Lied

Nick had been surreptitiously feeling Alex’s thigh since the start of Caroline’s special millennium dinner. It would have looked obvious if he had leant over and slipped his hand further up her skirt, but when he dropped his napkin he had ducked beneath the tablecloth and grasped her ankle, then traced his fingers up her calf as far as her knee.
“Got it,” he gasped, as he straightened up, then inclined his head towards hers and whispered. “ I’m such a butterfingers.”
“I just love buttered fingers,” Alex whispered back. “My favourite.”
Nick winked and took a large pat of butter from the dish on the table and proceeded to lavishly spread it on his melba toast, then take a large bite. “Mmm, delicious, all buttery….”
Alex laughed and smacked his hand.
“Come on now you two,” called Charles. “Behave! Got to set a good example for the children!”
“Oh I am, dear chap,” laughed Nick. “Just trying to teach your wife some table manners!”
“Honestly Nick,” she giggled. “You are so awful. I don’t know how Sarah puts up with you!”
“What don’t I put up with?” Sarah called from the far end of the table. “Is that Nick you’re talking about? He really is the pits, isn’t he? I expect he’ll have the soup in his lap if he’s not careful!” She then turned away to help one of the children to a portion of croutons.
“You know, if I do spill my soup as my dear wife predicts, I might need help in mopping myself down….” Nick murmured over his soup bowl, peering at Alex.
“I’m sure you won’t, but I’ll give you a helping hand if necessary,” Alex simpered, carefully sipping the hot broth, so her lipgloss would not melt.
A groping hand responded to her offer of assistance and Alex was pleased. This dinner was going to be so much more fun than she had thought. I mean, trust Caroline to come up with such a long and elaborate menu. And as for letting the children have dinner with them, well it was just asking for trouble. Thank goodness the twins weren’t yet old enough to stay up ridiculously late.

to be continued March 31


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