The Way We Lied

Nick laughed lustily and Alex joined him. She could see Sarah watching them and Caroline was glancing across with a little frown too. They could look all they liked. They both knew what Nick was like. And Charles wasn’t much better in the old days. When the two of them had been in partnership, setting up their agency, they had worked hard and played hard. Neither of them had to worry about finding attractive girls to sleep with. Charles had married young, straight after university and by the time the agency was making serious money he was bored and Alex had decided she wanted him. She had not made a play for Nick then, even though he was enmeshed in the more exciting part of the business, juggling clients and creatives. But when he left the agency to set up his property development company he became really successful and seemed even more playful, more fun. Much more fun than Charles these days, now he was so involved in his new charity job.
She smiled at Nick. His hair was still thick, though silvered and he had a powerful body. She could have him again tonight if she wanted, she thought. Yes, she would have him. She could make him do anything she wanted, any time.
“No, I’ve never had to advertise Nick, darling, but if I did, I would say, this.” And looking him in the eye she simply sucked her index finger and pulled it slowly from her full mouth, then turned back to her plate of rustic pate.
Nick groaned, and muttered, “Outrageous.” He reached for the menu, saying, “Now let’s see what else Caroline has in store for us.”
Alex took a little pen from her clutch bag, turned the menu over and quickly wrote two words. Nick scribbled a reply and she pretended to study the menu, saying, “Delicious. All my favourites.”
The dinner continued course after course, with the men becoming more raucous, the children more argumentative. But after Caroline announced her scheme for the time capsule, there was a lull, with Caroline saying, “Right everyone, 15 minutes and then outside for midnight and fireworks.” Her words brought more squeals from the children, who were told to go away until they were called and the adults began to disperse to find coats and cloakrooms. Seizing her chance, Alex stood up and said to Nick. “Want to come with me and see how cold it is out there?”

to be continued April 7


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