The Way We Lied

Grabbing her velvet coat in the hall, she slipped out onto the terrace, aware that Nick was right behind her. She put her hand out and pulled him along the path to the summerhouse. She knew that Caroline, in her usual organised fashion, had decided everyone would view the display from the patio just beyond the french doors, with celebratory champagne to hand and a warm room within easy reach.
As they slipped into the darkness, Nick put his arm around her and they began running along the gravel, her heels slipping as they went. It was very cold and the sky was icily clear. They stopped for a moment behind the vast trunk of an old oak tree and he nuzzled her neck and grasped her breasts simultaneously. She responded by clutching his groin and then grabbed his hand again and pulled him into the seclusion of the little pavilion. He pushed her against the wall and reached under her dress.
“Now! Do it now!” she gasped, pulling at his belt. He fumbled and was quickly free, and she felt him pushing. “No wait,” she panted, wriggling out of her g-string and kicking it away. “Now! Come on, big boy!” She squealed, as he pushed hard but deliciously, both of them knowing that they could not be seen or heard.
It was over quickly, but he was still kissing her when they heard voices drifting over. “We’d better go back, my little passion puss,” Nick kissed her again. “We must do this again sometime.”
“Good thing we didn’t miss the fireworks,”
“Oh I don’t know, I’d say I saw a few stars and heard a big bang,” Nick said, squeezing the curves of her firm buttocks again.
She laughed and kissed him, stroking his face. “You go that way,” she said pushing him to her right. “And I’ll go this way. Wouldn’t do to be seen now, would it?” She kissed him once more. “Call me soon and we’ll have an action replay, with added highlights!”
Sauntering out onto the terrace where the rest of the party were gathered, Alex lit a cigarette. She knew she shouldn’t really, fags played hell with your lip line, but she really needed one. She took a drag and stood watching the others who were talking loudly. Then Charles turned and pulled her towards him. “You’ve been gone a long time. What kept you?”
“I popped out to the car for my scarf and cigarettes.” She shivered and leant against him, so he hugged her closer. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Nick walking slowly towards Caroline and Helen, then he put an arm round each woman’s shoulders. They were soon shrieking with laughter. “Looks like Nick is telling his jokes again.”
Charles looked round and then bent to whisper in her ear, “ A woman goes into a tattoo parlour and asks if they do piercing…”
“Tell me later darling,” she murmured. “I want to enjoy the fireworks first and toast the New Year. Look, they are starting the countdown.”
Loud shouts from the adults and screams from the children greeted the turn of the century and Alex embraced Charles and kissed him passionately. He responded and she felt her happiness was complete. Both men were hers. What had she ever been worried about?

to be continued April 11


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