The Way We Lied

Charles’s Millennium Letter

Sometimes it is so hard to stay silent. Sometimes I want to tell everyone, tell the whole world why I really sold the business and embarked on a totally new career. But I doubt if anyone would ever believe me if I told them that one woman could have so much influence over me. Alex would never understand and that would only make things more difficult than they already are.
I still love Alex, of course I do; she is beautiful and desirable, but she would never be able to help me expand my horizons the way Mary has. And Alex cannot comprehend the pure love someone can have for another human being. She only understands physical love, so she would not condone this simple love of Mary and all she has helped me to achieve.
Oh Mary where are you? Why aren’t you here so I can tell you that I have done even more than you asked? I wish I could share my new career, my rebirth with you. I am glad I have taken this enormous step. It feels so right and already I know that it is going to be so much more rewarding than my old life. I feel sure you would approve.
But if only I could see your face and see you smile when I told you. I long for your approval. Come back. Please come back one day and tell me I have done the right thing. I have made all these sacrifices because of you.

to be continued April 18


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