The Way We Lied

Nick’s Millennium Letter

Right, so Caroline thinks no one will ever see the stuff that’s going into this sodding time capsule again. Well that makes this a good place to get a few things off my chest, like how I should have fucked that bloody Mary bitch when I had the chance. Should have gagged her and used the handcuffs. That would have taught her a lesson she wouldn’t forget in a hurry.
She may have been a strong woman but I’m more than a match for her. I could have given her a good seeing to. Then she would have been a bit nicer to me, a bit more amenable. Stupid bitch!
She should have taken up my offer of a commission too. Whatever gave her the right to judge me and my taste in art? Her and her stupid tit sculptures. They might be famous, but they’re still tits, when all’s said and done. I wouldn’t have commissioned her to do me tits for the courtyard at Dover Court, but she could have done us a nice nude perhaps. Something elegant and tasteful.
Well I hope that silly cow is regretting it. Her loss, she turned down a nice fat fee. I wouldn’t let her do me a sculpture now if she came back and begged me on her hands and knees. And if I had managed to get my hands on that painting she was so fucking sniffy about I’d have happily slashed it to pieces in front of her eyes. Daft crazy bitch.

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