The Way We Lied

“You could just go to a gallery and buy something that already exists. That’s what you would normally do, isn’t it?”
“If I’m buying a car or piece of furniture, then yes. But I think a sculpture has to be individual, don’t you? Shouldn’t it relate to the place or the person?”
She laughed and waved her hand at the bookcase and the pictures displayed on the walls of the show house. “But your interior designers buy books and paintings by the metre, so why not a sculpture?”
He frowned but decided to get to the point. “I was rather hoping you might like to work with me. I thought we might commission a piece specially for Dover Court.”
She laughed again. “I think your kind of client would prefer something rather more conventional, don’t you? I can’t see my work slotting comfortably into your tidy little development. And I don’t say yes to everyone. I decide whether I want to accept a commission, not the other way round.”
Nick frowned, but nodded acknowledgement. “Of course. I completely understand why you would want to do that. I can sympathise with the artistic temperament. But why don’t you let me show you around and then perhaps you will change your mind. At least come and take a proper look at the place.”
She agreed to see more and they walked around the grounds and through the large archway into the central enclosed area Nick particularly wanted her to see.
“I can just imagine a large sculpture here,” he said, indicating the centre of what was currently just bare but level earth. “Everyone would be able to see it and share in it. Don’t you think it would be a perfect spot?”
She was silent for a moment, contemplating the courtyard and looking around at the houses, their windows at present marked with crosses of white tape.
“I’m not going to agree to your request right now, but there again I won’t say no just yet either. I think you need to be educated first, so you can gain a deeper understanding of what I am able to offer you and your project.”
Nick smiled. He felt he was slowly winning this enjoyable battle. “Thanks. I think perhaps we could work together rather well.” Then he put his arm around her and let his hand slip down to her hips and squeezed.
She did not even bother to look at him. She just said, “I told you. I don’t say yes to everyone.”
Then she just turned and walked away from him and never looked back.


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