The Way We Lied

Sarah’s Millennium Letter

Why on earth does my dear sister-in-law have to make everything so ridiculously complicated? Not only did we have to endure the most appallingly elaborate dinner last night, but now she’s expecting us all to write something to put in this stupid box of hers. Well, I for one simply can’t be bothered to write some namby pamby nonsense just to please her. She’s never going to read it anyway.
In fact no one is ever going to read all this rubbish. It’s only going to rot in the ground, so just for the record and for my own personal satisfaction I am going to say right here that I don’t think I have anything to be ashamed of. Somebody had to do it. That awful Mary woman simply could not be allowed to sneak her way into every corner of decent people’s lives, like a nasty maggot in a perfectly good apple. She would have been a bad influence, polluting everything she touched, so I am glad I did it.
Of course I would have been perfectly happy to write the letters quite openly, but I had to do it anonymously to protect Nick and the business and the children, of course. There was no way I could have instigated and taken part in an open debate about her behaviour. I had to be discreet and deal with her quietly without any controversy.
So of course I am glad it worked. She left and I hope we never hear of her again. Everyone who received my letters, the vicar, the headmistress, the matrons at the care homes, obviously saw the sense in what I was saying. I can feel reassured that they were grateful for being told the truth. She was a corrupt, immoral being and she did not belong in our sort of world. Good riddance is what I say.
And I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about writing to her either. She deserved it. She thought everyone was in awe of her and her opinions and her hideous sculptures. Well they weren’t. I’m glad she’s gone and I jolly well hope she has gone for good.


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