The Way We Lied


Crikey! I know you’ve always been an interfering old bag, Sarah, but this takes some beating! If I’ve understood this correctly, you, the do-gooding chairwoman of countless committees over the years, wrote a stack of poison pen letters! That’s extraordinary, even for you!
I know you’ve done some good things, but you always think you know what’s best for other people. You never listen, do you? You’re always so determined to offer your opinions and advice. When I was a child you told me how to behave, when I was a student you told me what you thought of my course and in recent years you’ve tried tell me how to bring up my children. Well I shall tell them to be kind and considerate and not to write evil letters!
I am astonished at you, really I am! Yes, I would love to take you aside and give you a good ticking off. That would be a reward after all these years of disapproving looks and remarks from you. So grand, so high and mighty! Well you’re not so wonderful now, are you? I don’t know anyone else who could be so underhand. And you sit on public bodies too! Weren’t you on the parish council at one time? It’s just unbelievable that you thought this was acceptable behavior.
And why did you feel you had to do it? What did she do to you? Did she put your nose out of joint or maybe she might have been admired more than you. Whatever she did or you thought she might do, I can’t see there was any excuse for writing anonymously. Surely it would have been better to have had an open debate about someone’s suitability. But you seem to have conducted quite a vendetta against this woman and I don’t yet understand why. And, what’s this….you wrote to her as well? What did you write? It’s pretty low of you to write about her to other people, but to write anonymously to an individual is really nasty. What did you say? I’m getting a horrible feeling it was something cruel and frightening. How malicious you were.
Reading your letter again, I think she made you feel uncomfortable. I think her methods were different to yours and you just couldn’t stand it, could you? I can see that you like to be the Queen Bee and you can’t share that role with anyone else. You sour old woman. I hope you feel satisfied. I can’t see it’s done you any good. Your husband is disabled and incontinent, your children dread your visits. You’ve only got your committees. Well I hope they come and see you when you’re dribbling in a home, you old bat. I hope they love and cherish you in your old age. That’s all you’ve got to look forward to.
I put the letter back in its envelope and place it on top of the other six I’ve read. There is only one left unopened now. It must be my mother’s. I’m scared. What will it say?


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