About Us

At The Elstead Writers’ Group

We have cats in hats

Nippers in plaits

A nun with a gun

A dodo on the run

A post apocalypse without any zombies

Living off acorns and pan-fried Bambies

Revealing letters their secrets unsaid

Coded clues that couldn’t be read

Chickens and Grandads

Assassins and lords

Ninjas and Lumberjills

Troglodyte hordes

A mysterious Mary

A masked mog that’s scary

Tigers and Kipling

A cro-magnon lad

We’ve oodles of fiction

Both happy and sad

We’d love you to FOLLOW

And make us all glad


We are a group of writers from Elstead and beyond who have been coming together monthly since 2011 to share our work and the trials of writing. This blog serialises just some of our fiction.