Alive and Kicking


Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Ferdinand and I have started this blog to tell you a little about myself and to see if there is anyone out there like me. I am certain that there is, so, PLEASE CONTACT ME! I want to hear from you and when you read on you will probably want to hear from me.

Why, you ask, would you want to hear from someone called Ferdinand? It is not that common a name these days, but it was my mother’s choice (my father wanted to call me Kevin) and we are not that common a family. I say ‘are not’ but that should be ‘were not’ really, because I am afraid I am on my own now. It is alright, I am used to it, but it has been a bit lonely, especially since Mrs Desai died. She was a star. Taught me and my parents everything. If it were not for her, well maybe I would be as dead as a…clip_image002

Yes, you know the expression, or if you do not you are about to learn it – as dead as a dodo. Thing is I am not dead and I am a dodo.

Yes, you read that right – I am a dodo, a big flightless bird from Mauritius, that’s an island near Africa – see below:


I know that, by rights, I shouldn’t be around. I have read the books, surfed the net, and I know that I am dead. I, or at least my species, died out in the 17th century. ‘Extinct’, that is what dodos are. Only I am not. I am writing this blog for a start.

You don’t believe me? Let me explain then: when Mrs Desai died, I managed to sneak a few of her things away from the house before her daughter got them. Daughter? Pah! She’d not been near her mother for years, but the moment the will was read she was up at that house like a shot.

Fortunately among the things I had taken from Mrs Desai’s house were her laptop and her camera, so I have managed a photograph of myself. I only just made it back to the right spot before the camera clicked so it is not my best work.

Mrs Desai never took photographs of us. “Don’t want anyone finding out about you do we?” she chuckled when I pushed the camera into her hand one day and I did not mind then. Now,

however, I am quite keen to make myself known.

So, here I am…clip_image006.jpg


Dr Brian Candlewick says: What?

Tex Mex says: What?

Tasmania says: What would make someone joke about something as serious as an animal dying out? It’s a sad and lonely truth.

Professor Longbottom says: What are you doing reading blogs in work time Candlewick? Stop wasting time and finish that report for me. Do it properly this time!

Blogmaster says: What would make your blog even better? Log onto to find out.

Dr Brian Candlewick says: I find your picture intriguing. I am sure, of course, that you are not actually a dodo, but I would be interested to meet you to discuss the history of the dodo. It would be useful to my current research into fossils and would help my professor too. Please respond.

Meat Fanatic says:

I have never tried dodo meat. Are you willing to send me some?


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