Am I being paranoid or are they out to get me?

To continue my story.

What a joy it is to be striding down the road in Cape Town. The muscles in my legs have never worked so hard but any aching is worth it. I can see above walls for a change, I can step over puddles, and I can keep up quite a pace. I’m looking for a map, perhaps one by a bus stop, for I need to locate the airport.

I think I may be beginning to tire because I’m a little worried. It is totally irrational I know but I feel I am being watched. Dr Candlewick cannot have found me so quickly. I am sure he did not see me leave and I haven’t left a trail of sticky footprints to give myself away. Anyway, it is a hot day and there is no-one around to see me.

But I just cannot shake off the feeling. My own feathers are prickling under the ostrich ones and it’s not just because of the heat, though I am working up quite a sweat in the midday sun. No, there is nothing but a van. It’s not going to follow me, is it? Is it?

No, it’s just two men, one bearded, one bald, and both watching me with piercing eyes. I’m sure they are simply interested to see an ostrich here and are now going about their business.

Their business seems to involve some sort of net and a gun…

Mr Beard is obviously no good with a gun. He keeps missing. He’s got my left stilt. I’m falling…. They have a net. They’re raising the gun…

… a bright light pierces the darkness around me. Everything seems to shimmer and my body feels strange. Is this the after-life? Will I see my parents? Will I see Mrs Desai?



axel says;

you are safe/ Please say.

Anastasia says:

Bring him to me.

Tasmania says:

What is happening to you?

Tex Mex says:

Mac, have you got any friends in the area who can help?

Mac says:

Don’t worry, I’m on the case.


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