Farewell, for now

I have come to a conclusion. I shall leave my dear homeland of Mauritius and travel the world, or at least as far as Tasmania. It is a daunting task, but I feel there is someone out there who needs me, or perhaps I need them. The burden of the lone dodo is a heavy one and his road must be a lonely one, though perhaps a little less lonely than I would like as I fear Dr Brian Candlewick is on my trail and drawing ever nearer to my tail. I am sure he is a charming fellow but I am not yet ready to meet more humans and I am not sure they are really ready to meet me. So I have decided. I shall cross the seas and arrive in the delightful-sounding island of Tasmania in the hope of meeting the thylacine who has been my dear correspondent on this blog. Perhaps on the way I shall find others too who can be my friends. Perhaps together the thylacine and I will seek out more. Perhaps we shall yet find dodos.

I shall not relate my path to Tasmania for the risk of being followed. So, farewell until I stand on the shores of an island across the world (and have found a wi-fi connection).



Tasmania says:
Fantastic news! I look forward to meeting you shortly!
Anastasia says:
I have friends all over the world, Ferdinand…
Tex Mex says:
And I have friends all over the world too, and I’ll tell you what, Ferd, they can fly, so they’ll be keeping an eye on you from above.
Dr Brian Candlewick says:
I simply want to meet you. I have no wish to put you in a zoo. However, if you would be kind enough to meet me perhaps we could discuss doing some scientific work together. Please email me (just to remind you, the address is: B.Candlewick@southfairford.ac.uk) and we can discuss this better.
Hot spot salesman says:
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Blogmaster says:
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