Shouts, screams and yells of “kakkalak!” and “cockroach!” followed. The bravest cockroach in the world has put himself in danger for me. Axel, if you ever get to read this, thanks to you and your kindness I have escaped. I jumped out of the bag and reached that grey door, for as they chased you, no-one noticed me. If I can ever repay you, I will.


axel says;

you are most welcome. it is most pleasing to know that you are safe and that you now are happy to make the acquaintance of an animal such as I am. ‘ent school cardigan see mick bitter’ is ‘entschuldingen sie mich bitte’ and is the meaning of the words excuse me please. and excuse me that i cannot do the capital letters but i cannot manage the shift key on my keyboard.


Dr Brian Candlewick says:

I am so sorry that I missed you. Please believe me that I do not wish to capture you or do anything to harm you. I wish to talk to you. Perhaps you would prefer to talk on the telephone. My number is 07810080349. Please call.

Delilah Fosse says:

Ferdinand, darling, I am sure that you and I could work together to make your media profile tip top. Have a look at my website and give me a call, darling.

Anastasia says:

Barney, book me a ticket on the rodent express to Cape Town.

Barney says:

Anastasia, you fired me. I sed you’d be sorry and you is. Hah!

Tex Mex says:

Ferdy, do you have a passport? How did you get a ticket? You are the best!


Ferdinand (Author) says:

Maybe that will remain my secret until I am safely in Tasmania.


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