I Don’t Like To Be Beside the Seaside

I see I have a problem. I thought I was on a bus to the airport. Wrong, from I have just identified the large grey and white bird that has just flown over me as a seagull. And that noise there is not the sound of an airplane taking off, it’s a boat engine. Ah, that has spoiled my plans a little. Perhaps that nice dog who saved me on the bus might be able to advise me where I should go.

Wrong! I hope Dr Candlewick has no spies around here. That barking must have drawn attention to me. I’m just going to hide behind that ticket office for a while and consider my next move.



Tex Mex says:

I’m on the case!

Anastasia says:

So am I.

Blogmaster says:

www.blogmaster.org has solutions to all sorts of problems


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