I’m a Dodo Get Me Out of Here


I was right. Someone around here is spying on me and contacting Dr Candlewick. How else has he got here so quickly? I can hear him now and quite frankly the way he is calling to me is doing nothing to make me wish to talk to him. “Come on Ferdy, good Ferdy!” So patronising! I’m not too keen on the crowd of gossipy onlookers either. Maybe if I sneak behind these dustbins….


Well, I never thought that that would happen. No-one expects a dustbin to explode. I don’t think any bombs were involved but out of that dustbin shot the largest, loudest parrot I have ever seen. He winked at me, then dive-bombed Dr Candlewick, squawking loudly and displaying a sharp beak and talons. I did not wait to see the outcome (though I suspect Dr C and some of those onlookers will have to wash their clothes and hair later), but ran off towards another hiding place near the ships. Parrot, whoever you are, THANK YOU!


Mac says:

You’re welcome. Tex told me about you. Always pleased to help a fellow bird in distress.

Anastasia says:

You birds are our enemies.

Barney says:

This bloggin’ is widenin’ me orizens. Anastasia I rekons some birds is OK.

Anastasia says:

Barney, you’re fired.

Barney says:

You’ll be sorry Anastasia. Who’s gonna read an’ rite for you now?

Anastasia says:

I seem to be doing quite well on my own.

Barney says:


Blogmaster says:

Anastasia, why not develop your own blog? Log onto www.blogmaster.org


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