Let sleeping dodos lie

There are children around! I have had little experience of children as Mrs Desai’s grandchildren rarely came to visit, a fact that caused Mrs Desai great sadness. She seemed to like children so I am sure they are pleasant enough but I am frankly a little worried by these ones. Surely they have more useful things to do than sneaking around my hiding place – learning to spell perhaps or trying to beat their highest score on the Wii (yes,Mrs Desai had one of those too and I rather miss it) – but they seem to be shouting out something about a rat hunt. I trust they will be looking for rats in the McCookies factory and not here next door where I’ve tucked myself in for a snooze in a cosy box full of bubble wrap.  Ah, they seem to be coming this way. They seem a little bouncy. They seem to want to bounce on bubble wr..


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