On the buses

Thanks to those school children who rather got in Candlewick’s way, I think I have got away and I am now on the bus. I’ve managed to get caught up in a group of elderly female shoppers. One is being led by a large dog, and the lady was not charged extra for the privilege of taking this fine animal on the bus, so I trust that dodos may likewise travel free (I like to pay my way and was, in any case, lacking in the small change that is required fora bus ticket).

Wds of Advice 2

Several of the ladies are wearing long black dresses and I have been able to squash myself under a seat where these dresses are hiding me from prying eyes. Not perhaps prying noses. That dog is sniffing around and is growling. He seems to be getting up and pulling on his lead. He’s probably not smelled dodo before. I’ll try moving back a little. Ow! Sorry madam! I can’t see any way out of here, the growling’s getting louder, the dog’s barking now and snapping at something. It’s not me! He’s not going for me! Dr Candlewick must have jumped on board and he’s on his hands and knees. I think he’s looking for me, but I think the dog and the elderly ladies do not appreciate the way he is looking under all the seats. In fact, the ladies are getting up and crowding round him. They are pushing him towards the door. The bus is stopping. The doors are opening. Ah, we’re going again. Dr Candlewick seems to have got off.


Tasmania says:


Anastasia says:

Glad that dog didn’t get you. I still want the satisfaction of getting you myself.

Blogmaster says:

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