It seems that there are a lot of people out there surfing the net. I don’t know why that should surprise me and I certainly wanted to make contact, but not like this. I realise now – maybe a little late – why Mrs Desai did not show us to the world or anyone at all. You would not believe the people who have been showing up in my part of Ferney Valley. Newspaper reporters, scientists, film crews, people just coming along to see what the fuss is about. And that fuss is me. Apparently they would have thought it was all a joke, if it had not been for that ridiculous photograph of me. Oh dear. Now they all want to find me and I fear they want to take me away, examine me, check I am real, find out what I am like.

So, everyone, listen to this, this is all you need to know about me:

1, I am real dodo.

2, I seem to be the last one on earth but I hope I am not.clip_image008.jpg

3, You humans and the animals you brought with you – pigs, dogs, rats – killed a lot of us off and therefore I am not going to hurry towards you.

4, I can’t fly but I am a lot faster than most of you think so I am going now.

5. If you want to know more about me, visit http://www.dodopedia.org

Oh, and if there is anyone else like me out there, be careful how you announce yourself. I would still like to get in touch, but we will have to do it privately.


Tex Mex says:

Way to go Ferdy.

John David says:

I am intrigued to know how you discovered such a realistic picture of a Raphus cucullatus. Do you have access to the collections at the Museum of Natural History?

Tasmania says:

Do you have info on other extinct animals? Maybe ones from around Australia?

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